Press about Crystal Sound Lounge


“Crystal sound therapy is like nothing I’ve experienced before. It’s peaceful, stylish and beautiful. I lay down fully clothed and was surrounded by glorious vibrating soundwaves – before long I felt as if I’m floating in mid-air as I’m enveloped in a profound deep feeling of peace.
45 minutes later I’m brought back into the real world feeling a little sleepy – I sit up and slowly adjust – before long I’m wide awake and feeling refreshed – as if I’ve just had 9 hours sleep.”

– Sara Hill, Business Manager

“It was a great experience! I encourage all who are looking for ways to turn off the noise, stress and rebalance to experience the Crystal Sound Lounge Sound Relaxation studio.”

– Obi Onyeagoro, Banker

“Was a really restful experience, cosy, soothing, embryonic and the sound healing is a wonderful way to cut through the chatter of the monkey mind… so nice to be able to relax, meditate and feel well without exerting any intrinsic effort – so much of self-help is about actively doing stuff. Will be back!”

– Tami Alikhani, Teacher


“Crystal Sound Lounge was my first experience of going to a sound bath. It was absolutely magical and I felt relaxed and rejuvenated like I never had before. I simply lay down and the vibrations of the crystal bowls and gongs did all the work. I’ve tried mindfulness and meditation in the past but this is far easier and more refreshing. Looking forward to my next visit!”

– Tiffany Freitas, Chief Financial Officer

“After an hour of listening to the amazing instruments my mood had completely lifted and my body had felt like it had been on a mini vacation – relaxed. I highly recommend this to everyone – a beautiful journey. Thank you Crystal Sound Lounge for the experience.”

– Sophie Deedes, Fashion Stylist