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Offering all Corporate Wellness including: Sound meditation, guided meditation, Yoga, HIIT & Pilates.

We are the leading company offering private meditation (specialising in sound).  All our practitioners are 5+ years qualified.

As recommended by Sunday Times Style, The Financial Times & The Evening Standard


In an increasingly connected world, a soundbath is the perfect 1hr digital detox.

Lie down…. Listen…. Let go…..


Crystal Sound Lounge offers sound baths in central London. Sound healing (also known as sound therapy or sound meditation)  is comparable to meditation and mindfulness, but with no effort required on behalf of the participant. The sound does the work. Sound baths are for everyone interested in finding a way to relax, sleep better, destress and declutter the mind.

Clients participate by “lying down, listening and letting go” while a practitioner plays instruments including crystal bowls and gongs. The client is surrounded by the sounds and vibrations which result in a deep sense of wellbeing and calm.

Wondering what a sound-bath sounds like? Watch Trinny Woodall enjoying a private sound-bath here at Crystal Sound Lounge